General Terms and Conditions

1. Preamble

 The PATHE CLUB loyalty program for Pathé cinemas in Switzerland allows its members to:

  • collect points, as per Loyalty Points Chart, which can be exchanged for gifts
  • receive a "Newsletter" with the latest news from Pathé Switzerland
  • and benefit from exclusive offers for members of the loyalty program.

2. How do I become a PATHE CLUB member?

2.1. PATHE CLUB  application form

Membership of the PATHE CLUB is open to all persons aged 14 years and over. Anyone wanting to take part in the program must register online at in the “My Account” section. If the member already has a physical card (Pathé Pass or Pathé Friends), he/she can use this to identify him or herself on the website and at the cinema ticket desk.

If the subscriber does not yet have a Pathé card, he/she can use his/her email address to register in the “My Account” section of the website and then apply for the PATHE CLUB card on his/her next cinema visit.

Everyone who has a PASS or FRIENDS card automatically becomes a member of the PATHE CLUB.

In both cases, presentation of the PATHE card (PASS, FRIENDS or CLUB) will allow loyalty points to be collected when ticket purchases or purchases from the cinema snack kiosk are made.

2.2. PATHE CLUB  account 

2.2.1 If the member already has a PATHE PASS or PATHE FRIENDS card 

In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of the program, the member must register in the “My Account” section at It is essential that people who already have an email address registered in the PATHE database use this same address to register. In order to activate your account, you will then be asked to choose a new password and complete the necessary fields. From then on, your user name will be your email address and not your card number as previously. All your accounts (PASS / FRIENDS / CLUB) will be combined into one so that all your transactions can be on the same card.

2.2.2 If the new member does not have a card

Registration is done in the "My Account​​​​​​​​​​​​​​" section of using your email address. Your email address also becomes your login. If the member would like a physical card to collect points at the cinema snack kiosk, he/she can apply for a PATHE CLUB card the next time he/she visits the cinema.

2.2.3. During registration, the member is asked to name his/her reference Pathé cinema in order to receive the relevant newsletter news.

2.2.4 After registration, the loyalty points can be managed in the “My Account​​​​​​​​​​​​​​” section of the website.

2.2.5. Loyalty points

(i) The loyalty account of PATHE PASS subscribers will be credited with a monthly bonus for the amount indicated in Loyalty Points Chart.

(ii) After every transaction, members receive the relevant number of points in their loyalty account, as indicated in Loyalty Points Chart.

The member guarantees the accuracy of the information provided during registration and is solely responsible for incomplete or incorrect information.

3. Conditions of use of the card

3.1. The member may collect points according to the Loyalty Points Chart. This table is defined by Pathé Switzerland. Pathé Switzerland reserves the right to amend the scale at any time, in particular to implement variable point packages in case of promotions.

In order to be able to collect points, it is essential that members present their card before every purchase. To collect points at the ticket machines or online, the member must log-in with their email address and password.

The points on the card are valid for 12 months starting from the end of the month in which they were credited (for example: a point credited on 5 October 2017 is valid up until and including 31 October 2018). 

In case of a purchase of several cinema tickets in a single transaction, all points will be credited to the same card.

3.2 Irrespective of the payment method approved by Pathé Cinemas, the member shall collect points:

  • for every purchase and/or order of a ticket at the ticket desks and/or automatic ticket machines in Pathé cinemas, or of an e-ticket at
  • for an order or receipt of a cinema ticket with the Pathé FRIENDS card

"Prepaid" tickets, such as the FRIENDS card (purchase or re-loading), or gift vouchers do not entitle the member to loyalty points.

3.3. The accumulation of points by the member gives an entitlement exclusively to defined and/or one-off benefits in association with special events. 

The member may use the points to receive a free ticket as from 2000 points. As from 500 points, the member may use the points to pay at the cinema snack kiosk according to the Loyalty Points Chart.

The number of loyalty points collected can be viewed during every transaction and when the member logs onto his/her account at As from 2000 points, the system will automatically offer the member a free ticket in exchange for points as per the Loyalty Points Chart.

The free cinema ticket offered as part of the loyalty program, which can be used from Monday to Thursday, or, if applicable, from Monday to Sunday allows access to standard and 3D screenings at no extra charge. The additional charges for 4DX, IMAX / IMAX 3D sessions, 3D glasses, Premium seats and Dbox seats can not be paid for with loyalty points. Special screenings are excluded. Members with 5000 loyalty points can get a free VIP ticket. 

A special screening is a reserved screening, preview, private and non-commercial screening or a screening with additional content, such as a live broadcast or re-broadcast of sport, culture, concerts, opera, ballet, musicals, etc.

The point scale in the table may be amended at any time and is published on the Pathé website.

For any claims related to the accumulation of points, the member may contact the customer service department of Pathé Cinemas via the “Contact” section. Points may not be attributed retrospectively if the member fails to present the physical card at the cinema or to log-in on the website when he/she makes a purchase or order. Points collected do not have any market value and are therefore not transferable. Any sale or exchange of points is therefore prohibited. The provisions of Article 4 apply.

3.4. Receipt of the Newsletter and promotional offers from Pathé Switzerland

PATHE CLUB members agree to receive a weekly newsletter by email, which includes the following information among other things: news, cinema programs, upcoming films, the number of points in the account and PATHE CLUB member promotions, etc.

4. Term/Cancellation

The PATHE CLUB membership is valid for an indefinite term. The member may cancel his registration from the program at any time by contacting the customer service department via the “Contact” area at

Any fraudulent use or misuse of the PATHE CLUB account and breach of its terms and conditions by the member or a third party (acting on the member’s behalf) shall result in the immediate termination of the CLUB membership and deactivation of the card.

5. Changes to the registered details of the member

In case of a change of email address or changes to other information about the member that appear on his/her loyalty account, the member must update this information by going to the “My Account” section of the website.

 6. Malfunction, lost or theft of the card

In case of malfunction, loss or theft of the card, the member can apply for a new card by sending a request to The old physical card will be deactivated and the points collected will be recorded and automatically transferred to the new card.

7. Personal data

The information collected as a result of registering for the program shall be processed automatically. Therefore, the member is informed that he/she has a right to access, correct and object, which the member may exercise by submitting his/her request in writing.

8. Changes, termination and cancellation of the program

The program may be changed, suspended or cancelled in whole or in part at any time. Members shall be informed by email (provided that the email address specified by the member is still valid). In case of a termination of the program, this shall be communicated in all Pathé cinemas.

The member shall not be entitled to any compensation as a result of changes, suspensions or cancellations of the program.

If on the day that the program is terminated the member has a number of points accumulated giving the member an entitlement to one or more free tickets, the member may use these up until the end of their validity.

9. Amendments or changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Membership

These General Terms and Conditions of Membership may be changed at any time without prior notice. For information, please visit

10. General Terms and Conditions of Membership

The PATHE CLUB member accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Membership without reservation.