Fast & Furious 9

No matter how fast you are, the past will always catch up with you. Part nine of the action series.

A new threat has forced Dom Toretto to face up to his past. Once more he gathers together his crew to put a stop to an extremely dangerous worldwide conspiracy masterminded by his younger brother Jakob, who is supposedly dead. In your Pathé movie theaters in Zurich (Dietlikon).

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 12/16 years
Minimum legal age 12 years / Recommended 16 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 10 years
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Running time:
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Justin Lin
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Albert Giannitelli
Amber Sienna
Anna Sawai
Brian Torres
Cardi B
Charlize Theron
Demitra Sealy
Ella Walker
Finn Cole
Helen Mirren
Humberto Martinez
Jae Kim
Janice Blue
Jason J. Tobin
Jay Neal
Jim Parrack
John Cena
Jordana Brewster
Lorin Alond Ly
Lucas Black
Martyn Ford
Méghane De Croock
Melanie Beiler
Michael Rooker
Michelle Rodriguez
Nathalie Emmanuel
Nichola Jean Mazur
Patrick Holly
Rob Horrocks
Sung Kang
Thue Ersted Rasmussen
Vin Diesel
Vinnie Bennett
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Release Date
15 July 2021
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