A Nice Girl Like You

Comedy about a musician who sets out to prove that she is not sexually uptight.

Violinist Lucy is shocked when she catches boyfriend Jeff watching a porn movie. He describes her as uptight and dumps her. But Lucy is keen to prove him wrong. She creates a sex-to-do list that she is determined to work her way through. In your Pathé movie theaters in Lucerne (Ebikon).

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Running time:
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Chris Riedell
Nick Riedell
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Adhir Kalyan
Angela Oh
Anika Melkote
Anne-Marie Cusson
Ariel Ash
Bob Leszczak
Carl Zingle
Dawn Kapatos
Deborah S. Craig
Erick González
Greg Murphy
Jackie Cruz
Jina Panebianco
Leah McKendrick
Leonidas Gulaptis
Lucy Hale
Mark D. Gersten
Matt Crabtree
Meg Weidner
Mindy Cohn
Nadia Quinn
Paula Rossman
Rachel Paula Green
Sandy Natelli
Shiva Kalaiselvan
Skye P. Marshall
Stephen Friedrich
Steven Strickland
Stormi Maya
Sydney Farley
Tim Hayes
Tori Piskin
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Release Date
24 September 2020
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