Hero (Geroy)

Russian action film about a young man who suddenly finds himself being hunted down.

Andrey completed his training as a Russian special agent when he was teenager. But that was all a long time ago and he now enjoys a quiet life. Suddenly, however, he finds himself being chased by shady characters. Who or what are they? In your Pathé movie theaters in Lausanne.

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 16/16 years
Minimum legal age 16 years / Recommended 16 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 14 years
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Running time:
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Karen Oganesyan
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Alexander Petrov
Anastasiya Todoresku
Artem Grigoryev
Konstantin Lavronenko
Marina Petrenko
Svetlana Khodchenkova
Tobias Aspelin
Vladimir Mashkov
Yan Alabushev
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Release Date
16 October 2019
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