Le Mans '66

The car giants duel with each other at the 1966 Le Mans race. With Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

In the sixties, European cars dominated the market. In 1966, Henry Ford II sent his Ford GT 40, along with his engineer Shelby, to race at Le Mans. It went on to defeat their competitor Ferrari, thereby establishing the American automobile. In your Pathé movie theaters in Geneva.

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 12/12 years
Minimum legal age 12 years / Recommended 12 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 10 years
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Running time:
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James Mangold
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Bridie Latona
Caitriona Balfe
Christian Bale
Christopher Darga
Dallas Chandler
Jack McMullen
JJ Feild
Jon Bernthal
Joseph Williamson
Josh Lucas
Julian Miller
Lachlan Buchanan
Matt Damon
Noah Jupe
Ray McKinnon
Remo Girone
Rudolf Martin
Sean Carrigan
Tracy Letts
Ward Horton
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Release Date
13 November 2019
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