Brave Russian soldiers free themselves from the clutches of the Nazis in a T-34 tank.

In 1944, the German Wehrmacht captures a group of Russian soldiers. But then Second Lieutenant Ivushkin comes up wth an audacious escape plan, in which he and his brave crew hijack a T-34 tank and thus embark on a breathtaking escape. In your Pathé movie theaters in Berne.

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 16/16 years
Minimum legal age 16 years / Recommended 16 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 14 years
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Running time:
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Aleksei Sidorov
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Alexander Petrov
Anton Bogdanov
Anton Shurtsov
Artur Sopelnik
Artyom Bystrov
Guram Bablishvili
Igor Khripunov
Irina Starshenbaum
Joshua Grothe
Kirill Lopatkin
Mikael Dzhanibekyan
Pyotr Skvortsov
Robert Eliot
Robinson Reichel
Semyon Treskunov
Viktor Dobronravov
Vinzenz Kiefer
Vladislav Manin
Wolfgang Cerny
Yuriy Borisov
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Release Date
21 February 2019
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