The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie's ("Snatch") deadly gangster movie revolves around a drug lord who causes chaos.

Drug lord Michael wants to quit the gangster business and sell his empire to some billionaires from the US. But is it possible to make a clean and elegant break from the criminal world? Original, cool and with a star-studded cast. In your Pathé movie theaters in Basel.

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 16/16 years
Minimum legal age 16 years / Recommended 16 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 14 years
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Running time:
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Guy Ritchie
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Alex Batareanu
Amor Evans
Andy Cheung
Brittany Ashworth
Bruce Chong
Charlie Hunnam
Chidi Ajufo
Chloe Arrowsmith
Christopher Evangelou
Coco Sumner
Colin Farrell
Danny Griffin
Elle Black
George Asprey
Henry Golding
Hugh Grant
Jack Jones
Jason Lines
Jason Wong
Jeremy Strong
Jim Warren
Jordan Long
Lyne Renee
Matthew McConaughey
Max Bennett
Michelle Dockery
Mike Bodnar
Ned Campbell
Parker Block
Rubens Saboia
Russell Balogh
Samuel West
Serhat Metin
Simon. R. Barker
Steve Barnett
Steve Saunders
Togo Igawa
Tom Rhys Harries
Xue Zhang
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Release Date
27 February 2020
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