Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Owen and Claire must return to Isla Nublar to save the dinosaurs from extinction.

Three years have passed by since Jurassic World was destroyed by the dinosaurs. As the volcano on the island begins to erupt, Owen tries to save his raptor, Blue, whilst the other expedition members investigate a conspiracy. In your Pathé movie theaters in Basel.

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Age Restriction:
Legal age 12/12 years
Minimum legal age 12 years / Recommended 12 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 10 years
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Running time:
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J.A. Bayona
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B.D. Wong
Bryce Dallas Howard
Charlie Rawes
Chris Pratt
Daniella Pineda
David Olawale Ayinde
Emanuel Coelho
Faith Fay
Geraldine Chaplin
James Cromwell
Jeff Goldblum
Jo Hart
Justice Smith
Kevin Layne
Michael Papajohn
Mitchell L. Johnson
Rafe Spall
Robert Emms
Ted Levine
Toby Jones
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Release Date
06 June 2018
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