Winner of two Golden Globes, including Best Drama: two soldiers embark on an impossible mission.

Directed by Sam Mendes ("James Bond – Skyfall"). During the First World War, two British soldiers are tasked with delivering a message that could prevent a massacre. In a race against time they must pass through enemy territory . In your Pathé movie theaters in Basel.

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Running time:
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Sam Mendes
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Adam Hugill
Adrian Scarborough
Andrew Scott
Anson Boon
Benedict Cumberbatch
Chris Walley
Claire Duburcq
Colin Firth
Dan Malcom
Daniel Mays
Dean-Charles Chapman
Elliot Baxter
Elliot Edusah
Fabio Bocca
Gabriel Akuwudike
George MacKay
Gerran Howell
Harrison Cope
Jack Shalloo
Jacob James Beswick
Jamie Parker
Jos Slovick
Joseph Aston Grant
Justin Edwards
Kenny Fullwood
Kieran Geary
Mark Oldridge
Mark Strong
Nabhaan Rizwan
Owun Birkett
Richard Madden
Ryan Nolan
Sammy John Heaney
Spencer Allum
Spike Leighton
Taddeo Kufus
Tom Dunham
Tommy French
Will Sharp
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Release Date
16 January 2020
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