Cine & Ride

Travel for free with your cinema ticket

Together with TNW, we will make your cinema experience even greater. As of now, your cinema ticket is also your public transport ticket whether you are traveling with the bus, train or tram within the TNW network. You benefit from a free second class return journey starting from 4 hours before the beginning of your movie and up to 6 hours after. You can activate your public transport ticket by scanning the QR-Codes present on your cinema ticket directly in the TNW Ticket-App available for Apple and Android smartphones. 

How does it work? 

  1. Download the TNW Ticket-App on your Smartphone. The App is free of charge and available in French, English, and German in both the iTunes and Google play stores
  2. If you have an Android phone, open the App and click on the Menu on « receive » 
  3. If you have an iPhone, open the App and click on « more » and then « receive » 
  4. Scan the QR-Codes with your phone camera 
  5. Confirm and validate your ticket. Please note that you need to validate your ticket before your journey starts.


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